Melina. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Sister. Granddaughter. Friend. ER nurse. Lover of life and all things wonderful.

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  1. Two of my daughters are ER nurses. Thanks for improving my insight into their work days. I found your comments very moving.

  2. Melina – Just perfectly awesome thoughts about what nurses do and how they feel about doing it. I really had no idea until I became an RN in mid-life, and now I’ve seen so much on all parts of the human spectrum. You captured the essence of the ED (ER), but don’t forget those of us outside the hospital to try to keep our patients out of it too. Public health nurses, school nurses, occupational health nurses, clinic nurses — we all have patients with unimaginable life circumstances and health issues, and see some of them daily for years. When I worked in ED for a few months, it was a different breadth and depth — much more adrenaline, sudden circumstances, and short-term caring. But you captured what all nurses do in all settings, caring and helping maintain and improve our patients’ health while helping them deal with it as well as they can, and how we feel about doing it. Bravo — keep writing!

  3. I just found your blog today. It is refreshing to read your posts. Someone who is as damaged and as whole as I am as a critical care nurse for 22 years. It is always nice to find someone who gets it.

  4. I have no words that would give you justice milena, except as I complete 41 yrs. In this profession, I have never felt as honored as I do right now. Thank you.

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